Miss Southern Illinois Scholarship Organization

As preliminaries to Miss America, Miss Southern Illinois and Miss Heartland encourage young women to celebrate their intelligence, success, and talent in front of a wide audience. These competitions give young women the opportunity to draw attention to and promote support of societal and personal causes close to their hearts. However, the most outstanding part of the  Miss America Organization as a whole, and Miss Southern Illinois and Miss Heartland specifically, is the support of young women in their pursuit of higher education.

The Miss America Organization is the nation’s largest provider of scholarship assistance for young women. Competitions like this throughout the country provide thousands of dollars to advance the education of young women. Miss Southern Illinois has been providing this financial support locally since 1963, and Miss Heartland was created in 2008 to extend this support to even more young women.

Please help us continue to support our local young women by donating using the donate buttons below. Any amount of support is appreciated, and if you would like to contribute a different amount, please contact me at edmisssouthernillinois@gmail.com. Read more about how your donation will be utilized at the “Support the Miss Southern Illinois Scholarship Organization” link below!

Consider joining our family, and reach out to us below or at edmisssouthernillinois@gmail.com!


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